Celebrating Cinco de Mayo Beachside!

Celebrate with handblown margarita glasses

Did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?  Although the official “holiday” has passed, you can still enjoy the foods, drinks and traditions of the Mexican culture throughout the month of May – and beyond! We found a few recipes, stories and products to share with you as you start mixing your Margaritas, beachside (or poolside, or barside, or wherever you may be)!

While you may think you are celebrating a true Mexican holiday, it turns out this an occasion that has been embraced more by Americans than by our neighbors south of the border.  True, it is a day that evolved as a pseudo-celebration of the 1862 Mexican victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla. However, according to this story, it gained attention in the U.S. in the 1950s by political activists looking for a way to bridge our two cultures and improve cross-border relations. A few decades later, it was capitalized on by savvy marketers (read beer companies) as a fun way to increase sales in a nation that was happy to have another reason to party.

Well, as we know many of our 365Beach readers do enjoy entertaining and imbibing in the occasional cocktail, who are we to deny the opportunity to celebrate a neighboring culture? And we particularly love a celebration filled with good foods and drink! If you haven’t already planned your menu, we suggest Continue reading