Feeling putrid? Don’t blame Chartreuse…

Oh, Chartreuse…. it doesn’t have to be this way. Remember that sickly green color that flushes over someone’s face right before they get sick? That’s chartreuse. Perhaps, that’s why a Pantone Consumer Color Preference Study revealed chartreuse to be the color people most disliked. According to Pantone, “the yellow-green shades such as chartreuse (610U) evoke the most negative of emotions.”  It’s true. This unique blend of yellow and green is a bit offensive, controversial and, well, intriguing.

Frankly, that’s why design folks keep trying to boost it’s popularity – finding creative ways to make the rest of us love it (or at the very least stop us from running from it). In the summer, it’s much easier to incorporate chartreuse among the more likable greens. But, I think the holiday season (from November right through to December) is the perfect time to introduce a touch of chartreuse into your home.  This was recently reinforced while shopping at a get-ready-for-the-holidays  event, where vendors showcased giant towers of spiraling wisteria painted in, you guessed it, chartreuse. And, mossy wreaths were dotted with shades of chartreuse.  Proving how easy it is to bring in the bold statement of chartreuse. Here are a few more (bold) ways to showcase this special color into your home.

A key piece of furniture in chartreuse makes a bold statement. (HGTV)

Be fearless with entire wall in chartreuse, dotted with bright accessories. (Apartment Therapy)

Could Chartreuse curb your appetite or fuel it? (Better Homes & Gardens)

Naturally, chartreuse compliments the beachy hues of aqua and teal. (Canadian House& Home)

Chartreuse WOW! ’nuff said. (House Beautiful)

Tell us how you feel about chartreuse. Have you used it in your decor?