Relax with this Twist on Water Skis!

Relax with a WaterSki Chair!


Ready to get out your water skis for the summer? Maybe it’s time to put a new spin on things! The folks at cleverly use vintage wooden water skis to create this adirondack-style chair.  

We fell for this retro look the first time we saw it a couple of years ago and are happy to report that it’s a look still going strong. In fact, the surge in eco-friendly items has probably helped make this concept more popular than ever. Starting around $1,200 per chair, it’s not exactly inexpensive, but we love it, anyway. If your budget isn’t up for it, you can opt for a water-ski table for $549.   

Every table and chair is custom-made, which mean no two are exactly alike. The craftmanship is pristine – so this “ski” should be around for a long while. 




Wrapped Up in Coastal Style – and Fish Lips

Starfish gift wrap from Fish Lips Design Papers

It’s completely unintentional, but we seem to be focused on gift giving this week. We have found  some fabulous coastal-inspired gift wrap papers, which are the perfect complement to the By the Sea gift tags we featured earlier. These papers are certain to bring a smile to anyone’s face – even before they open the present inside!

What makes these papers so special? Well, where do we start? These custom papers, from Fish Lips Paper Designs, are designed, printed and packaged in the USA on 100 percent de-inked recycled paper, using soy-based inks. Each sheet is a nice large size (22″ x 33.75″) and is printed on thick (71#) paper with a smooth satin finish. Basically, that means these truly look and feel like (and are) high-end, custom papers that you won’t find at your average retail store.  Not to mention, the designer declares, “You couldn’t tear this paper at the corners even if you tried.”

Speaking of the designer, Kimi Chronis founded Fish Lips, which is a self-described “one-woman show.”  Trained as an interior designer, she has “an interest in sustainability” and is an accredited LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Designs) professional. Kimi launched her home-based design company on the west coast, in California, and now runs it from her home state of Florida. She offers both whimsical and sophisticated papers, along with a  line of custom note cards (we love them!). You can visit her site to learn more about how she transformed her eye for good home design to a passion for high-quality, beautiful, eco-friendly custom papers! Oh, and did we mention that Fish Lips Paper Designs is now having a 50 percent off sale? What better time to stock up?!

Before you start shopping at Fish Lips (isn’t that fun to say?!), one more note to all our coastal friends:  enjoy this Good Friday and have a happy Easter holiday weekend!

View more papers from Fish Lips Paper Designs:

Fish Lips!

Bubbles and more bubbles!

Haiti, Junk, Art and the Beach…

Junkyard Art from Daisy Islands

When you think in terms of collecting junk, as it relates to the ocean, it usually brings to mind someone picking trash up from the beach – not putting it back. However, this “junk” looks right at home by the sea – or in your garden. Not to mention, these funky creations are putting a new spin on being environmentally-friendly.  Here are just a few of the reasons we like this fun art from Daisy Islands (one of our new favorite online places to shop for beach inspired decor!).

First, these colorful sculptures, like this junkyard pelican and junkyard turtle, (two of our favorites!) are hand crafted by artisans in Haiti. Even before the country was put in the spotlight due to the tragic earthquake, Haiti was already well-known by many as a source for original artwork, including hammered metal. Although you often find similar pieces in more traditional, muted metal colors, we were drawn to these bright, eye-catching versions full of color.

I like Turtles...Junkyard Turtles

That brings us to reason number two:  recycling for a fun cause – art!  These brightly colored birds and sea creatures are made from old containers such as 50-gallon tomato paste drums and other metal containers used to transport goods. What a great way to take something that would otherwise end up in a junkyard and give it new life. These metal sculptures range in price from just under $80 for a sailfish (not pictured) to around $180 (each) for the turtle and pelican. That’s not bad for eco-friendly yard art.

Finally, we just plain like the fact that these sculptures are bright and playful – like a day at the beach! Regardless of your geographic location, or your usual design preferences, we think most anyone can add a bit of rustic charm to their surroundings with this art. Whether it’s in a garden or hanging out poolside, these colorful critters offer up a bit of whimsy and beach-like charm all summer long.

Sailing’s in the (Beach) Bag with Ella Vickers

Beach Bags Set Sail

Batten down your personal treasures this summer with these stylish, sea-loving bags from sailing’s first-mate-turned-designer, Ella Vickers.

There are so many reasons to love these’ striking, eco-friendly designs!  They are certain to become your favorite beach bags this summer.  As part of the Recycled Sailcloth Collection, the bags are constructed from discarded and reclaimed yacht sails from around the world. Ella, a previous first mate on an Americas Cup, first created bags for herself out of worn sails. As the story goes, folks at regattas and other events would literally buy the bags right off her arm. Needless to say, that’s all it took and a great business idea was born! Since then, Ella and crew have given crafty remakes to sails from around the world and have recycled over 20 thousands yards of sailcloth from landfills.

In addition to the fact that this is such a stylish way to go green, we simply adore the way she has used the various types of sailcloth to create beach bags that are both usable and trendy. The designs vary by the type of cloth used, but the White Dacron Cruising sailcloth is used primarily for the beach bags, duffles and totes. She also incorporates the Kevlar Racing sailcloth into more sophisticated handbags and cocktail purses (they are very sheik!).  Given the nature of the materials, you can rest assured that all hold up nicely to a day at the beach, or simply getting caught in the rain on the way to dinner!

Crisp White Dacron Sailcloth Tote

If you happen to have your own discard sailcloth by the wayside, Ella offers the opportunity for you to help recycle and send it her way. In exchange, she’ll return a custom-made  beach bag of your very own. Simply send the sailcloth to: Ella Vickers Inc. at 7507 Anaca Point Rd. in Wilmington, NC 28411 or visit her website for more details.  If you simply want to purchase one (which we feel certain you will), bags range from around $90 to $190 for beach bags and totes, and the small handbags start at just over $50.  And, if you happen to be in Greenwich, Connecticut, be sure to stop by and visit her store at 85 Greenwich Avenue.

Green Beach Bags for a Recycled Twist

Eco-friendly Tote from Free People

In preparation for the upcoming beach season, one of my favorite activities is searching for beach bags that celebrate the season in style. For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to the brightly colored hues and massively over-sized bags that represent a day in the sun. Maybe it’s the promise these bags hold – filled with all the goodies that make being surf side so much fun; whatever the reason, I am simply enchanted by beach bags of all types!   So, today, I am excited to help 365Beach kick off it’s look at beach bags for the 2010 summer season and will post a new find each week.

To get started, why not take a gander at a bag that’s good for you and the environment.  Made from recycled plastic, such as rice paper bags, and detergent and storage bags, each bag is unique with color and design varying. That’s right – environmentally friendly and one of a kind!

Who wouldn’t love this roomy, weather-proof bag to tote your favorite things? Not to mention, at $38  this bag is one of the more affordable green accessories and can be ordered from Free People.

Coastal Cleanup Collects Tons, Plus a Skull

Coastal Cleanup at Santa Monica Pier

Coastal Cleanup at Santa Monica Pier

Where were you this weekend? If you were anywhere close to a shore, let’s hope you were participating in Coastal Cleanup Day. Along the California coastline, more than 14,000 volunteers gathered Saturday for the 25th annual Coastal Cleanup Day. Hosted by the environmentally aware non-profit, Heal the Bay, volunteers set a record, picking up more than 150 tons of trash in the L.A. area, alone. Adding a bit of Hollywood drama to the day was the discovery of what appeared to be a human skull inside a garbage bag. After a thorough examination by the appropriate professionals, it was determined that the skull was plastic. Still, that’s one less plastic skull littering our beaches – so way to go!

All kidding aside, this is a terrific event. While this west coast organization has found success decluttering their beaches, we should remind everyone that Coastal Cleanup Day is part of an annual international event that encourages people everywhere to help clean up their favorite beaches. Last year, the global effort netted nearly 7 million pounds of coastal trash, thanks to more than 400,000 volunteers in 100 countries and 42 states. Not bad! Even if you missed this year’s official clean up day, the Ocean Conservancy encourages you to organize a clean up event any time during the year.  You can visit their site to learn more about past clean up efforts along with details of how to start a local beach clean up in your area. And, if you’re anywhere along the California coastline, there are lots of events planned for the coming weeks so there’s still time for you to get involved. If nothing else, visit Heal the Bay’s Flickr site to see more pics, like the one shown here, from Saturday’s coastal cleanup.

Coasters for Living Coastal

recycledcoastersWhether you’re serving that first cup of morning coffee and dreaming of the coast, or you’re sitting beach-side as you pour one more glass of wine to watch the sun set over the ocean…. who doesn’t love coastal-inspired coasters!

Admittedly, at 365Beach, we are obsessed with coasters. Maybe it’s because coasters are a small, inexpensive souvenir to bring back from a beach trip. Maybe, it’s because coasters can be both artistic and practical so we can display them and use them. Whatever the reason, we have our fair share! Now, we’ve found another set to add to our collection and are certain you’ll want a set of your own!

Made from 100 percent recycled wood, these square coasters are eco-friendly and carefully hand-made in Thailand. The all-natural wood comes from old boats, houses and schools. The aged wood offers a colorful collection in the sea-greens and blues that prompt instant visuals of a beloved beach cottage. Each coaster is a perfect 3.5″ x 3.5″ square and there are four to a set for $27.00 from Newport Nautical Decor.