Sweeten up your space with a bit ‘o honeycomb

Have you used honeycomb in design? Chances are, if you look around, you may just find there’s an octagon or two already floating about your space. It’s long been used in interior design and architecture, and has been particularly popular with tiling (mosaics, anyone?). Considered, “nature’s perfect shape,” it’s no wonder we love it! In the past few years, it seems the perfection of the hexagon has been popping up more frequently in “honeycomb” designs used in everything from lamps and bookshelves to rugs and wallpaper. What I love about this geometric shape is that it is simple, yet striking. It’s structured enough to integrate into a more modern decor, and flexible enough to be comfortable in a traditional space. Whatever your preferred style, honeycomb is the perfect fit. As a bonus, perhaps, adding a bit o’ honeycomb is an affordable way to add a striking pop of style to your home – because even a small amount of this shape can make a big, bold statement. Here are some wonderful examples of how to bring honeycomb into your home.

This traditional living room offers a big statement with the golden touch of honeycomb underfoot (House Beautiful).

Featured in Coastal Living’s Design House, this honeycomb tile shows how easy it is to add this pattern to any seaside-inspired space (photo from My Norfolk Nest).

And, how I love these DIY honeycomb shelves! What a wonderful way to make a statement in any home. (Photos and dyi instructions from Arrow & Apple.)

And, what about your very own hand-crafted honeycomb mirror? (photo from Carloscao1)

Speaking of DIY, if it’s not your thing then this gorgeous black lacquer (bone inlaid) honeycomb chest by SylvanSF will have you reeling. (Photo: House Beautiful) Of course, you could try duplicating the look with paint and dress up a trash-to-treasure find. How sweet would that be?


Do You Sea Blue?

Relaxing a Cape Cod Beach House (photo: House Beautiful), by Fred Albert; Designer, Annie Selke

Hello friends! Time has just flown by as of late. Hard to believe it’s mid-July – and it has already been one long, HOT, eventful summer! Sadly, our busy summer meant we at 365Beach.com also had to be away for a while taking care of business (as they say). No two ways about it – between the oil spill in our beloved Gulf Coast and our time we’ve had to be away from our blogging friends, it has left us feeling a little blue!

Not to worry. True-blue beach lovers like us don’t stay down for long – even if our “happy place” is covered in oil!  Matter of fact, even though we were on a bit of a blogging hiatus from The Daily Wave, we spent every possible moment scavenging for interesting new bits of coastal inspiration, from beachy home decor to engaging nautical personalities. Over the rest of the summer we’ll be sharing these terrific finds and inspiring stories with you.

Classic Blue (from Coastal Living) Photographer J. Savage Gibson

To get things started and help us lift our spirits, we decided to immerse ourselves (and you!) in a sea of blue… we put together a collection of pics showcasing wonderful seaworthy rooms that make us happy to be blue! Enjoy!

Happily Blue "Fresh Air Retreat" (Coastal Living) Photographer J. Savage Gibson

While we love the outdoor escape, like the one above, we are just as happy to soak up the blues in this classic beach bathroom (below)!

Beachy Bathroom (Elle Decor) Photographer: Dominique Vorillon

 Blue can be striking in any shade. We love the punch of bold blue in this Nantucket entryway, designed by T. Keller Donovan. The nautical touches make this a classic that never goes out of style. (Confession: we’re not crazy about the plaid tablecloth – forgive us TKD!)

Nantucket Blue-over (House Beautiful) Photographer: John Gould Bessler

 Do you have a favorite beachy blue room? Let us know! We’ll keep looking, too, of course.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo Beachside!

Celebrate with handblown margarita glasses

Did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?  Although the official “holiday” has passed, you can still enjoy the foods, drinks and traditions of the Mexican culture throughout the month of May – and beyond! We found a few recipes, stories and products to share with you as you start mixing your Margaritas, beachside (or poolside, or barside, or wherever you may be)!

While you may think you are celebrating a true Mexican holiday, it turns out this an occasion that has been embraced more by Americans than by our neighbors south of the border.  True, it is a day that evolved as a pseudo-celebration of the 1862 Mexican victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla. However, according to this story, it gained attention in the U.S. in the 1950s by political activists looking for a way to bridge our two cultures and improve cross-border relations. A few decades later, it was capitalized on by savvy marketers (read beer companies) as a fun way to increase sales in a nation that was happy to have another reason to party.

Well, as we know many of our 365Beach readers do enjoy entertaining and imbibing in the occasional cocktail, who are we to deny the opportunity to celebrate a neighboring culture? And we particularly love a celebration filled with good foods and drink! If you haven’t already planned your menu, we suggest Continue reading

Meet Sara Peterson: the New Face behind Coastal Living Magazine

Sara Peterson, Editor in Chief (photo courtesy Coastal Living)

Recently, one of our favorite magazines underwent a bit of a behind-the-scenes change. Coastal Living magazine announced Sara Peterson would take the helm of the magazine, while its former Editor in Chief (Lindsay Bierman) headed to sister-magazine, Southern Living. Well,  as soon as we heard the news, we couldn’t resist asking for a chance to interview Sara. After all, Coastal Living magazine is near and dear to our hearts – for the simple reason that since its inception, every issue delivers us a tropical escape, a source of inspiration, and a celebration of our passion for the coast.  Like many others, we are quite simply devoted readers.

Frankly speaking, there was an inexplicable need to know more about this newly announced editor and her vision for the future of Coastal Living. We know it might sound kind of silly, but we honestly couldn’t wait to hear first-hand what might be in store for the magazine under a new editor’s direction. Fortunately, Sara was gracious enough to oblige (and never once indicated that she thought we were silly for asking all these questions!).

Coastal Living Magazine- a favorite for beach enthusiasts

She comes to this position with plenty of experience, having worked for Family Life and Redbook magazines, and even Southern Living. Not to mention, she had already spent time as Executive Editor at Coastal Living and was instrumental in its re-design that launched last year. There is no doubt that Sara is not only a talented editor, but she truly shares her readers’ passion for the coast. We are quite excited about what’s in store for our favorite publication and have quickly become loyal fans of its new Editor in Chief.  Sara Peterson will officially be on the masthead with her new title in the May issue (on sale this weekend). To get a better idea of what “beach” really really means to her, we asked Sara a few fun, on-the-spot questions. Keep reading to see what she had to say. And for the full Q&A session, you can read the rest of the interview at 365Beach.com. Enjoy! And think of Sara as you Continue reading

Entertaining with Trina Turk

Trina Turk Cocktail Napkins


If you are a fan of all things beach, then you are probably already familiar with Trina Turk. For that matter, everyone from celebrities to editors rave about her line of bright, vibrant clothes and home accessories, so it’s hard not to know about her.  

Inspired by a Palm Springs vibe, Trina’s designs make you want to throw a poolside party that feels completely impromptu but is actually planned to the last detail! Know what we mean?   

Well, if the mood strikes, you’ll want to include some of Trina’s most recent additions to her line of “residential” wares. We love her Palm Springs Block Cocktail Napkins for an elegant but casual accompaniment to any cocktail!  These 6″x6″ square cocktail napkins are beautifully embroidered in true Trina Turk fashion. At $22 (for a set of four), you can choose a color palette that offers the perfect hue for any party, including turquoise, green, black, and orange.   

If you’re really feeling it, just know that matching placemats and pillows also available. Of course, when throwing your first soiree of the season, don’t forget to make the cocktails as fabulous as the napkins! Try pairing Trina Turk linens with these yummy island-inspired cocktails we found from Coastal Living.

Let Fido Catch Fish For A Change

Go Fish at Harry Barker!

We’re not the only ones who dream of a day romping through the waves and rolling in the sand. Our favorite two-legged friends love those long walks along the beach, too.  For the days neither of you can make it to the shore, let your dog have a little fun tugging and pulling on these adorable fish rope toys from Harry Barker.

Fido will love these 100 percent cotton azo-free machine washable rope toys. At 8 inches tall, they come in array of bright and beach-y colors. Plus, the toys are a healthy chewing alternative and keep teeth and gums clean.

Hurry and you can be among the first to have these special toys – at just $7 each, we know you’ll want to stock up!  Harry Barker is taking pre-orders now for these new arrivals and will begin shipping the first of May. While you’re there, be sure to check out the very sea-worthy anchor-adorned Newport collars. These trendy, eco-friendly collars are featured in the April issue of Coastal Living magazine – and are sure to sell-out!

Two Views on Coastal Living

Coastal Living March 2010

One of our regular indulgences here at 365Beach is tucking ourselves away for an afternoon and becoming immersed in the newest issue of Coastal Living magazine. We claim complete bias, as we are continually swept away by the many images of people living their coastal dreams and creating dwellings that give a nod of appreciation to their love for the sea.

The March 2010 magazine takes its place as one of our favorites. It includes the memorable tale of Greg Petersen, a sailor who is living his dream on the water – delivering luxury sail boats around the world (“Life at Sea” by Sara Latta). Fortunately, for those of us who more often keep our feet on shore, there is a seemingly endless flow of pages dedicated to bringing touches of the sea into our homes. With permission from Coastal Living, and thanks to some very talented designers, we want to share some of the images that are inspiring us to start planning everything from coastal bedroom makeovers to updated entryways. Enjoy this peak into Coastal Living!

Vintage Touches: Photo by Grey Crawford

In “Labor of Love,” an 1,800 square foot cottage in Hermosa Beach, California gets a much needed dose of TLC. Written by Steele Thomas Marcoux (and featuring styling by Char Hatch Langos), the article takes an in-depth look at how this bungalow, once intended as a rental,  is transpired by hard work and then adorned with reclaimed treasures to become a permanent home. The bedroom (shown above) features a vintage bamboo chandelier – one of the many “finds” that help personalize this cottage makeover. We’re predicting these vintage bamboo pieces will soon be even more hard to find once readers are inspired to bring home one of their own!

Jill Johnson at Home (Photo by Grey Crawford)

Layers of Love (Photo by Grey Crawford)

The featured cottage belongs to Jill Johnson (shown  sitting on the steps outside her home), a Manhattan beach designer and owner of Waterleaf Interiors. You can find similar pieces, like  those shown throughout her home, for use in your own seaside retreat re-do. Be sure to check both the magazine and Coastalliving.com for some incredible before and after shots of this project. The “before” shots instill even greater appreciation for the design feat  pulled off by Ms. Johnson and her team.

Be warned! Just when you think you are ready to pick colors and launch an all-out design attack on your home,  another featured home  is ready to get your creative juices flowing. Offering an equally relaxing, but  more contemporary twist to living seaside is the tale of a “Modern Family,” written by Gena Sigala, with styling by Heather Chadduck. In this take on some favorite modern interiors, it’s easy to fall for the clean, simple lines and subdued hues, like those shown in this living area (pictured).

While the colors definitely invoke the coastal gods, the beach-inspired decor is otherwise restrained. Instead of an explosion of seashells and coral, each room offers only a minimalist’s dousing of nature’s treasures – such as the driftwood coffee in an otherwise accessory-spartan room. Granted, with a view as incredible as the one in this backdrop, why would you want to do much more?

New View (Photographer: Dominique Vorillon)

This oceanside retreat in Pacific Palisades, designed by Maya Williams, is home to a family of eight. We’re impressed that even with young children in the house, Maya dared to paint the wood floors white for a striking and open feel throughout the home – and it completely works!  We also love the contrast between the soft, very inviting pieces of (almost) traditional upholstered furniture with more modern tables and accents. You can see this approach, along with the restrained use of accessories, throughout the home.  There’s no doubt that this type of design decision, carried out in each room, allows a primary element, such as an oversized headboard in the master bedroom or an elegant lounging sofa (pictured), to take center stage – along with the beautiful view!  For more takes on this gorgeous home, read the rest of the story from the March issue of Coastal Living, or get inspired from Maya’s other finished designs by visiting Maya Williams Design online.

Natural Infusion (Photographer: Dominique Verillon)

Gentle Beach Hues (Photographer: Dominique Verillon)