Paint Me a Picture

Ducks at Sailboat Bay

Sometimes you are simply and inexplicably drawn (no pun intended!) to an object. Whether it be a small sea shell washed ashore or a set of elaborately, hand-embroidered linens. For whatever reason, these items resonate with you – and call to you to take them home. That’s certainly the case with this painting from Karen Fields, aptly titled “Ducks at Sailboat Bay” ($99).

Karen’s work, first inspired by a “naive, folk painting style,” is now infused

Folk-inspired Art from Karen Fields

 with her passion for the “lively and colorful.” It’s easy to see how these two artistic views easily collided into a single, whimsical vision. To our delight, this Orlando-based artist has swept her brush across the canvas to capture scenes inspired by the sea.

These bright, engaging works of art seem to beg you to kick off your shoes, roll up your pantlegs and dip your toes into the water. It certianly makes us want to pack a picnic lunch and head for the shore to watch the sailboats glide along the water. That’s why we think these coastal-coated canvases deserve to hang in a place of honor in your beach house (or any beach lover’s home that strives to share a bit of whimsy and fun). 

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