Sweeten up your space with a bit ‘o honeycomb

Have you used honeycomb in design? Chances are, if you look around, you may just find there’s an octagon or two already floating about your space. It’s long been used in interior design and architecture, and has been particularly popular with tiling (mosaics, anyone?). Considered, “nature’s perfect shape,” it’s no wonder we love it! In the past few years, it seems the perfection of the hexagon has been popping up more frequently in “honeycomb” designs used in everything from lamps and bookshelves to rugs and wallpaper. What I love about this geometric shape is that it is simple, yet striking. It’s structured enough to integrate into a more modern decor, and flexible enough to be comfortable in a traditional space. Whatever your preferred style, honeycomb is the perfect fit. As a bonus, perhaps, adding a bit o’ honeycomb is an affordable way to add a striking pop of style to your home – because even a small amount of this shape can make a big, bold statement. Here are some wonderful examples of how to bring honeycomb into your home.

This traditional living room offers a big statement with the golden touch of honeycomb underfoot (House Beautiful).

Featured in Coastal Living’s Design House, this honeycomb tile shows how easy it is to add this pattern to any seaside-inspired space (photo from My Norfolk Nest).

And, how I love these DIY honeycomb shelves! What a wonderful way to make a statement in any home. (Photos and dyi instructions from Arrow & Apple.)

And, what about your very own hand-crafted honeycomb mirror? (photo from Carloscao1)

Speaking of DIY, if it’s not your thing then this gorgeous black lacquer (bone inlaid) honeycomb chest by SylvanSF will have you reeling. (Photo: House Beautiful) Of course, you could try duplicating the look with paint and dress up a trash-to-treasure find. How sweet would that be?


Feeling putrid? Don’t blame Chartreuse…

Oh, Chartreuse…. it doesn’t have to be this way. Remember that sickly green color that flushes over someone’s face right before they get sick? That’s chartreuse. Perhaps, that’s why a Pantone Consumer Color Preference Study revealed chartreuse to be the color people most disliked. According to Pantone, “the yellow-green shades such as chartreuse (610U) evoke the most negative of emotions.”  It’s true. This unique blend of yellow and green is a bit offensive, controversial and, well, intriguing.

Frankly, that’s why design folks keep trying to boost it’s popularity – finding creative ways to make the rest of us love it (or at the very least stop us from running from it). In the summer, it’s much easier to incorporate chartreuse among the more likable greens. But, I think the holiday season (from November right through to December) is the perfect time to introduce a touch of chartreuse into your home.  This was recently reinforced while shopping at a get-ready-for-the-holidays  event, where vendors showcased giant towers of spiraling wisteria painted in, you guessed it, chartreuse. And, mossy wreaths were dotted with shades of chartreuse.  Proving how easy it is to bring in the bold statement of chartreuse. Here are a few more (bold) ways to showcase this special color into your home.

A key piece of furniture in chartreuse makes a bold statement. (HGTV)

Be fearless with entire wall in chartreuse, dotted with bright accessories. (Apartment Therapy)

Could Chartreuse curb your appetite or fuel it? (Better Homes & Gardens)

Naturally, chartreuse compliments the beachy hues of aqua and teal. (Canadian House& Home)

Chartreuse WOW! ’nuff said. (House Beautiful)

Tell us how you feel about chartreuse. Have you used it in your decor?

Eco-friendly Sea Print Pillows for Comfy Summer Naps

Eco-friendly and comfy pillow

Eco-friendly and comfy pillow

When the lazy days of summer come calling, there’s no better place to lay your head than atop this beautiful pillow from Cottage and Bungalow.  The hand-painted “eco-art” pillow is made from organic cotton twill on the front with a solid seagrass back. We were drawn to the crisp white and blue “Seafan” but there are plenty of stylish options for every interior. While the typical bright beach colors make their showing in this line of pillows, we love that the artists have given us less traditional styles and colors, including black pillows with deep orange prints and bold hues in blue or red. 

All of the designs originate from an ancient Japanase-style art technique. This iteration, referred to as Wabi-sabi,”celebrates the beauty of imperfection found in nature.”  Cottage and Bungalow’s Wabi-sabi Green collection is completely enviornmentally- friendly. Each handprinted pillow is crafted atop one of the following materials:  replenishable eco-friendly bamboo, plush organic cotton, silky kapok fiber harvested from the rain forest, or fluffy ecofiber made from recycled plastic bottles. The $68 pillows make a beautiful and Earth-conscious addition to any home.

Summer Favorites Bring You Close to Shore

close to shore With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to revisit a favorite book, Close to Shore: a True Story of Terror in an Age of Innocence Close to Shore: A True Story of Terror in an Age of Innocence by Michael Capuzzo.  Based on an actual rogue shark attack along the New Jersey coast around the turn of the century. It’s an annual must-read prior to any summer beach trip, along with my favorite beach movie, Jaws.  Not so coincidental, the shark attack documented in the book is the same attack said to have inspired Peter Benchley’s book, Jaws. Although the Capuzzo’s version is full of true accounts pieced together through much research, it’s admittedly not as exciting as watching Benchley’s version, on-screen. However, Close to Shore provides a facinating look at daily life in the 1900s. It takes a close look at everything from beach fashion to industry that surrounded America’s wealthy families as they enjoyed the first beach vacations as a trip to the shore became an accepted leisure activity. Even though the shark action within in the book is minimal, after each read, I can’t help but continuously look over my shoulder when I take my own juant  into ocean waters.  This book definitely earns a “four fin” review!

Win a Beach Vacation to Gulf Shores

Flip for Gulf Shores

Flip for Gulf Shores

Summer is upon us! Have you made plans to head to the beach yet – or maybe you’re still waiting for the best deal of the season before booking your stay? Well, here’s your chance to win a free beach trip down south to Gulf Shores, Alabama (yes, they have beaches in Alabama!). Starting June 1, you can enter “The Beach is Calling” contest by telling everyone in 100 words or less “what makes you flip” for Gulf Shores or Orange Beach. Enter through August 15 by posting your thoughts on the beach is calling blog.

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