Relax with this Twist on Water Skis!

Relax with a WaterSki Chair!


Ready to get out your water skis for the summer? Maybe it’s time to put a new spin on things! The folks at cleverly use vintage wooden water skis to create this adirondack-style chair.  

We fell for this retro look the first time we saw it a couple of years ago and are happy to report that it’s a look still going strong. In fact, the surge in eco-friendly items has probably helped make this concept more popular than ever. Starting around $1,200 per chair, it’s not exactly inexpensive, but we love it, anyway. If your budget isn’t up for it, you can opt for a water-ski table for $549.   

Every table and chair is custom-made, which mean no two are exactly alike. The craftmanship is pristine – so this “ski” should be around for a long while. 




Ode to the Nesting Sea Turtle

Sea Turtles from PB Teen

How do you know it’s spring? Along the shores of the Gulf beaches, you look for signs that sea turtles are beginning to lay eggs. From Texas to Florida, nesting season for these hard-shelled reptiles often begins in late March or April and lasts through early to mid-summer.  Now, after a hard winter, the sea turtles (some endangered) are starting to lay eggs along Florida beaches. So, what better time to offer a tribute to these fine creatures?

When it comes to beach souvenirs, the turtle is certainly one of the most popular (or at least recognizable) shapes on everything from t-shirts to necklaces. However, we also see this ocean icon making its way on shore with its likeness used as metal tables for outdoor furniture and simply as wall decor.

We couldn’t resist these hanging wire sea turtle sculptures from PB Teen. Yes, we know this is a teen catalog, but these turtles would look just as nice on any adult’s wall – indoors or out. Each turtle is made from hand-twisted, painted wire and are just big enough to make a good conversation piece, but not large enough to be a distraction. So go ahead and get one of each – the smaller version is $39 and the larger is $59.

If you’re hanging them at your own ocean-front home, use them as a reminder to turn outside lights (and shield strong interior lights) off during nesting season. Want to know more about sea turtles and if you can find them laying eggs at your favorite beach? Visit to learn more about the when, where and how of these sea-faring friends.

Relax poolside and make a statement in wicker

Wicker never looked so good

 Is it just us or do these cabana-style chairs give off a vibe of that “old” Hollywood glamour and playful sophistication? Maybe that’s why these pieces instantly grabbed our attention, while browsing through the Well Appointed House.

The  Santa Barbara gazebo chair makes for an inviting addition to any porch or patio. Imagine taking a break in the shade and curling up with a good book in this gorgeous piece of woven wicker.   Of course, it would also be a show-stopper inside your home, as well.  Standing at just over six feet tall (and approximately three feet wide and deep), how can this chair not make an instant statement?  The price of $1,600 includes the interior-only cushion (with brown piping) and two green leaf throw pillows.  

Of course, if you prefer  South Beach to Santa Barbara, then check out this very Miami-chic  Willow Beach Cabana Chair.  At $400, it’s a bit more affordable. It’s also certain to make an impression when you invite guests over to lounge poolside in this woven willow chair

A chic cabana chair to enjoy poolside

with its silvered hue.  The gray-stripped cushion is also included – and this chair is very similar in deminsions to the wicker gazebo chair.

Enough said. Go get a few chairs, station them by the pool, and throw a party. We’ll be waiting for our invitation!

Outdoor Dining is Covered this Summer

Relax with Crate&Barrel

This weekend, we got a small taste of spring at 365Beach when a warm, sunny weekend made a much-needed appearance. While it may only have been a tease for what’s to come, it was enough to get us thinking about a summer filled with outdoor entertaining.  We scurried about and did a bit of window shopping for some new outdoor furniture.

One of our favorites is this colorful ensemble from Crate & Barrel. Admittedly, we prefer to do more mixing and matching when it comes to furnishing our outdoor living areas, but this set is a good foundation that opens up the possibilities for a personal twist. 

For starters, the “Atrium”  has a clean white base for all its key pieces but is  mixed with a pop of surprise from the “Aruba” colored cushions, pillows and umbrella. The hint of turquoise is easy to make your own by adding in pops of bright oranges and reds; or a more subdued black and white palette.  While the turquoise is already poised to be a trendy color for this season, you can always scrap it all together and use a completely different color scheme against the neutral white backdrop of the furniture.

Speaking of the furniture, another win for this set is its lightweight aluminum structure that is also rust-proof. We love furniture that looks stately but is light enough to be moved around, often. In case you’re wondering, the table is just under 7 feet long, and has frosted glass tiles for the tabletop. It comfortably seats 6-8; and you can go with the traditional lattice-back chairs or mix the chairs and bench (we’re suckers for benches!).  A complete set with seating for 8 is available for right around $2,000. We know, that may be a bit steep for many of you but all the pieces are available separately, including the umbrella, cushions and complementary pillows – all in weather-proof Sumbrella fabrics.  Again, go for it all in one fell swoop, or  find a piece or two and add it to your existing collection of outdoor furniture.  For instance, even if you don’t want the full dining set, this ensemble also has sleek, companion lounges which make for a striking pool-side visual.  While you think it over, we’re off to window shop for more possibilities. Maybe by the time spring officially arrives, we’ll have made up our minds and will have our outdoor rooms dressed and ready!

Dive into Beach Decor with this Retro Swimmer

Swimming in Detail from Cottage

Looking to make a splash this summer? Perhaps doing the backstroke and butterfly are part of your daily routine. Or, maybe you simply prefer to let the waves lap across your toes during an afternoon stroll along the water’s edge. Either way, we found a playful way to pay homage to a day at the beach.

This antiqued wooden retro diver is an eye-catching addition to any beach-inspired decor. From head (or fingers in this case) to toe,  this bathing beauty is a full five feet long. With secure, hanging hardware along her back, you can place the diver just about anywhere – including outside, although locations protected from the sun are best to minimize weather damage.

This especially playful piece has a distressed finish, with hand-painted detail and is a nice complement to most decor. We found this version available in a teal finish from Cottage for $159 (with free shipping). The site shows the retro diver in two more finishes (a reddish-orange color and a pea green), but there’s no place to select a color choice. This is a bit confusing. Just know that if teal is not part of your preferred color palette, you can probably find this piece elsewhere in another color. That said, Cottage does give you a choice in size. An exact replica of the retro diver can be had in a smaller size of just under four feet (46 inches) across for $110, plus shipping.

Both sizes are good deals. Think of the conversations you can start this summer! Can’t resist the temptation to bring the retro diver home? Be sure to send us photos showing off your find – and where you decided to hang it!

Taking James Perse Home: California Beach House Style

James Perse in Malibu

James Perse in Malibu

Looking for that beach house feel heavily influenced by Southern California style? You’ll love this bed from the iconic California designer, James Perse. It’s part of his Los Angeles line, now on display at the newly opened James Perse store in the Malibu Lumbar Yard.

This Queen-size bed has the same minimalistic look  as the rest of his collection with his signature look of low, clean lines.  At $4500, this bed makes a definitive style statement. The $500 duvet cover features brushed cotton on one side and brushed jersey on the other side – the same fabric that make his casual line of of t-shirts so sought after in L.A. Top it all off with a striped, cashmere blanket for $1700 for a clean, bold statement in your So-Cal-inspired bedroom.   If you like the look of this bed, then chances are you’ll enjoy the same clean architectural lines of the rest of his collection.

Perhaps our favorite is the slip-covered chair. It’s not so much the chair but how one L.A. Times blogger, David A. Keeps, described it…. “Even the slip-covered sofas and easy chairs exude high-rolling surf-dude dash.” We’re not sure exactly what “high-rolling surf-dude dash” is, but it sounds FANTASTIC and we want it! If you’re cruising Malibu this weekend, drop by James Perse and catch your own surf-dude dash.

Hang Up Your Skis, Sit Back and Relax

Rest in recycled skis

Rest in recycled skis

It may be time to hang up those old water skis but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy them. The folks at cleverly use vintage wooden water skis to create this adirondack-style chair.  We fell head over heals for this retro look!

Every chair is custom-made, which mean no two are exactly alike. The craftmanship is prestine – so this “ski” chair should be around for a long while. Of course, you may need to sit down when you hear the cost for this beauty. Prices start at just over $1,000.00 per chair. Ohwell… what better way to sit back,  relax and watch the waves roll-in this fall?