Taking the Rug (Bag) to the Beach

Summer "Rug" Bags at Yvonne-Estelles

 If this doesn’t say “summer” then what does?

Whether you’re scouting fresh vegetables at the local farmers’ market or collecting souvenirs during vacation. We think this “rug” bag from Dash and Albert is the quintessential summer beach bag ($58).

Look for it at specialty retailers, such as Yvonne-Estelles or order directly from Dash and Albert. Made in India, these bags are use woven construction and are hand-loomed, just like the popular and festive rugs – thus their moniker “rug bag.” 

"Tangerine Dream" from Dash and Albert

There are plenty of styles to choose from, including the “Nantucket” and the “Tangerine Dream” (one of our personal favorites!). The bags have plenty of style and, lots of room (19″ x 16″ x 3″) and are topped with soft leather handles – making this an ideal carry-all for any excursion! 


Beaded Bangles for the Beach

Beaded Bracelets for the Beach

We’re in the mood for a little sophisticated fun! And these striking beaded bangles from the Pink Pineapple are set to cure our itch.   

Can’t you just imagine yourself heading to dinner by the shore dressed in a bright, casual-style tunic accentuated by one of  these colorful bracelets ($38) dripping off your arm? Heads will definitely turn as you walk into the room!  

We love that these accessories include some of the hottest colors of the season – especially the teal.  If you need a little something extra to go with the bracelet (say, the rest of the outfit!), be sure to visit the Pink Pineapple. The Rhode Island-based shop includes an entire line of boutique items designed by Stacie Hall. We love it all, and know you will, too!

Style Update! Well, we just heard directly from the designer, Stacie Hall,  and got the most-up-to-date scoop on what’s hot right now. She tells us the icon hoodie ($128) is a must-have and we can see why with its preppy colors and casual feel. Of course, our money is also on this exquisite hand-stiched shirt ($76) with its soft cotton/silk fabric and hand whipstitching cascading down the bodice. Tell us your favorite pick!

Becoming The Hip Hostess this Summer

Serving up Avocado a la mode!

Speaking of entertaining… We know many of you have had a busy week of celebrating. And with summer just around the corner, we’re sure you are already gearing up for a season full of soriees!  Given you’re in the mood for entertaining, why not go all the way and make sure you look absolutely dashing while serving up that delicious seafood by the shore this summer?

We found this very beach-chic sheath apron in “avocado al la mode” ($39). It’s casual style lends itself to that informal gathering with friends and family. Yet, it’s adorable enough to make you want to keep it on all through the meal! The scallop trim at the bottom has a flirty flounce to it, and the halter-style neck ties definitely exude a summer vibe.

The mother-daughter team from The Hip Hostess is responsible for this playful new take on the traditional apron. Their mission says it all – “combine simple, contemporary style with fabulous fabrics to create a “couture in the kitchen” look that today`s modern woman will want and actually wear.” We agree. Want to wear it!

Of course, there are lots of colors and styles to suit every personality – and

The Hip Hostess in Melon Splash!

every occasion.  For those days when you’re prepping lunches for a house full of kids – or summer guests, we like the vibrant fun of the  “melon splash” demi-style apron ($32).  This shorter, even more casual look is ideal for those times when you’re preparing a quick meal or cleaning around the house. Yes, someone still has to clean, even in the summer – so you might as well look cute doing it!

UPDATE #2: Although we found a great offer earlier via Twitter (@TheHipHostess), our wonderful friends at The Hip Hostess have created an offer especially for us! Just stop by, pick out your favorite aprons and receive a very generous 20 percent off! Just use the product code BEACH at checkout and you will be an official “hip hostess” and a savvy shopper! Hurry, though. This special offer is only available to us through the end of the month (5/31).

Whale of a Time Sloshing Along in Seaworthy Style

Little Whales Rainboots

This week has been a wet one for us at 365Beach and there’s still more rain in the forecast. No worries. We know April showers mean bright, beautiful May flowers. Most importantly, we know how much fun it can be to slosh through the rain in true coastal style!

Whether you’re jumping through mud puddles or searching for treasure washed ashore after a good storm, these Zenia Whales Rain Boots from Merona will make it all that more fun! And, “to boot” (pun intended) at only $25 from Target, you can’t beat the price.

If whales aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other styles out there, from “schooled fish” to” anchors away.”

Lucky Lobsters Indeed!

Among our favorites though are these “lucky lobsters” from Western Chief at Endless.com. They are a bit pricier at $60; yet, these lobster boots with fire-engine red trim are sure to guarantee plenty of fun on an otherwise drab and dreary day.

Meet Sara Peterson: the New Face behind Coastal Living Magazine

Sara Peterson, Editor in Chief (photo courtesy Coastal Living)

Recently, one of our favorite magazines underwent a bit of a behind-the-scenes change. Coastal Living magazine announced Sara Peterson would take the helm of the magazine, while its former Editor in Chief (Lindsay Bierman) headed to sister-magazine, Southern Living. Well,  as soon as we heard the news, we couldn’t resist asking for a chance to interview Sara. After all, Coastal Living magazine is near and dear to our hearts – for the simple reason that since its inception, every issue delivers us a tropical escape, a source of inspiration, and a celebration of our passion for the coast.  Like many others, we are quite simply devoted readers.

Frankly speaking, there was an inexplicable need to know more about this newly announced editor and her vision for the future of Coastal Living. We know it might sound kind of silly, but we honestly couldn’t wait to hear first-hand what might be in store for the magazine under a new editor’s direction. Fortunately, Sara was gracious enough to oblige (and never once indicated that she thought we were silly for asking all these questions!).

Coastal Living Magazine- a favorite for beach enthusiasts

She comes to this position with plenty of experience, having worked for Family Life and Redbook magazines, and even Southern Living. Not to mention, she had already spent time as Executive Editor at Coastal Living and was instrumental in its re-design that launched last year. There is no doubt that Sara is not only a talented editor, but she truly shares her readers’ passion for the coast. We are quite excited about what’s in store for our favorite publication and have quickly become loyal fans of its new Editor in Chief.  Sara Peterson will officially be on the masthead with her new title in the May issue (on sale this weekend). To get a better idea of what “beach” really really means to her, we asked Sara a few fun, on-the-spot questions. Keep reading to see what she had to say. And for the full Q&A session, you can read the rest of the interview at 365Beach.com. Enjoy! And think of Sara as you Continue reading

Lilly Pulitzer Brings Beach Cruisers Back!

Go Cruising with Lilly Pulitzer

Yes, beach cruisers are back as the must-have bike! Did they ever really go out of style? We don’t think so. Even so, the beloved cruiser has hit a few small bumps in the road while 10 speeds and mountain bikes briefly had their moments in the sun. No worries, though. It seems that the traditional beach cruiser is once again deemed a desirable mode of two-wheeling transportation for generations past and present.

Don’t believe us? Just ask Lilly Pulitzer.  The Lilly Pulitzer Beach Cruiser is a limited edition item in 2010 – and is a celebration of this classic icon that is once again hot, hot, hot. At $450, pre-orders are being taken now and shipping will begin this fall (9/08).  In true Lilly Pulitzer fashion, the frame – courtesy of Van Dessel – is covered with soft, floral graphics in pink and citrus colors.  It’s topped off with classic white wall (26″) tires, “flip flop friendly” peddles, and a step-through frame to “flatter your favorite skirt.”  It makes us want to pack a picnic lunch and peddle off to our favorite beach for a day in the sun!

By the way, in addition to offering an extensive selection of cruisers (Lilly Pulitzer’s version not included) Beach Bikes.net provides a terrific history of the beach cruiser. Check it out!

Speaking of beach cruisers, picnics and style… we found one accessory you won’t want to leave home without when taking your cruiser for a spin. Continue reading

Entertaining with Trina Turk

Trina Turk Cocktail Napkins


If you are a fan of all things beach, then you are probably already familiar with Trina Turk. For that matter, everyone from celebrities to editors rave about her line of bright, vibrant clothes and home accessories, so it’s hard not to know about her.  

Inspired by a Palm Springs vibe, Trina’s designs make you want to throw a poolside party that feels completely impromptu but is actually planned to the last detail! Know what we mean?   

Well, if the mood strikes, you’ll want to include some of Trina’s most recent additions to her line of “residential” wares. We love her Palm Springs Block Cocktail Napkins for an elegant but casual accompaniment to any cocktail!  These 6″x6″ square cocktail napkins are beautifully embroidered in true Trina Turk fashion. At $22 (for a set of four), you can choose a color palette that offers the perfect hue for any party, including turquoise, green, black, and orange.   

If you’re really feeling it, just know that matching placemats and pillows also available. Of course, when throwing your first soiree of the season, don’t forget to make the cocktails as fabulous as the napkins! Try pairing Trina Turk linens with these yummy island-inspired cocktails we found from Coastal Living.