Cozying Up with Big Sur Lanterns

Big Sur Lanterns from Velocity

As summer begins to fade, we find ourselves attracted to different hues and textures. Usually, this is the time we bring out the accessories that are more reminiscent of the cool, late summer temperatures that will most certainly give way to fall. And while we love candlelight year-round,  late summer is ripe for adding a few more candles to your collection.

We found these hand-woven lanterns offer the exact warmth and glow that we crave this time of year. The Big Sur Lanterns are made from sliced vines that are intricately woven into a globe with a glass hurricane inside the globe to hold your favorite candles. We love that these little gems are inspired (and named after) the Big Sur area – offering a rustic look that is perfect for any beach bungalow, or a home that wants to bring in that casual beachy feel.

Velocity offers the Roost Big Sur Lantern in three sizes from 12″ to 19″ in diameter. They range in price from $60 to $105 each (the best prices we’ve found yet for these). These lovely lanterns are sure to become a seasonal favorite.


Do You Sea Blue?

Relaxing a Cape Cod Beach House (photo: House Beautiful), by Fred Albert; Designer, Annie Selke

Hello friends! Time has just flown by as of late. Hard to believe it’s mid-July – and it has already been one long, HOT, eventful summer! Sadly, our busy summer meant we at also had to be away for a while taking care of business (as they say). No two ways about it – between the oil spill in our beloved Gulf Coast and our time we’ve had to be away from our blogging friends, it has left us feeling a little blue!

Not to worry. True-blue beach lovers like us don’t stay down for long – even if our “happy place” is covered in oil!  Matter of fact, even though we were on a bit of a blogging hiatus from The Daily Wave, we spent every possible moment scavenging for interesting new bits of coastal inspiration, from beachy home decor to engaging nautical personalities. Over the rest of the summer we’ll be sharing these terrific finds and inspiring stories with you.

Classic Blue (from Coastal Living) Photographer J. Savage Gibson

To get things started and help us lift our spirits, we decided to immerse ourselves (and you!) in a sea of blue… we put together a collection of pics showcasing wonderful seaworthy rooms that make us happy to be blue! Enjoy!

Happily Blue "Fresh Air Retreat" (Coastal Living) Photographer J. Savage Gibson

While we love the outdoor escape, like the one above, we are just as happy to soak up the blues in this classic beach bathroom (below)!

Beachy Bathroom (Elle Decor) Photographer: Dominique Vorillon

 Blue can be striking in any shade. We love the punch of bold blue in this Nantucket entryway, designed by T. Keller Donovan. The nautical touches make this a classic that never goes out of style. (Confession: we’re not crazy about the plaid tablecloth – forgive us TKD!)

Nantucket Blue-over (House Beautiful) Photographer: John Gould Bessler

 Do you have a favorite beachy blue room? Let us know! We’ll keep looking, too, of course.

Relax with this Twist on Water Skis!

Relax with a WaterSki Chair!


Ready to get out your water skis for the summer? Maybe it’s time to put a new spin on things! The folks at cleverly use vintage wooden water skis to create this adirondack-style chair.  

We fell for this retro look the first time we saw it a couple of years ago and are happy to report that it’s a look still going strong. In fact, the surge in eco-friendly items has probably helped make this concept more popular than ever. Starting around $1,200 per chair, it’s not exactly inexpensive, but we love it, anyway. If your budget isn’t up for it, you can opt for a water-ski table for $549.   

Every table and chair is custom-made, which mean no two are exactly alike. The craftmanship is pristine – so this “ski” should be around for a long while. 



Snuggling by the Shore in Rough Linen

Orkney Rough Linens


When one thinks of a soft, comforting fabric to snuggle under, “rough linen” doesn’t exactly sound like it would fit the bill. However, this high-quality linen fabric actually feels wonderful and is quite soft, with a handwoven-style texture.  That’s why we can’t imagine a more delightful material for these amazing duvets from Rough Linen

The feel of this natural fabric, combined with the gentle hue of the Orkney Rough Linen duvet (shown) just makes us want to crawl under the covers and spend the day! These hand-sewn duvets range from approximately $200 to $410 (King) but are worth every dime.  Pillows, shams and bed skirts are also available, of course – and equally worth the splurge. 

You should also know that great care goes into the creation of each piece by a wonderful seamstress and designer who envisioned this line of luxury bedding. She uses “French seams… overcast raw seams… and Gutermann thread” to name just a few of the techniques and materials.  We don’t pretend to know what any of those things are, but they sound intricate and precise. What we do know is that the outcome is lovely! The Orkley duvets also use buttons (as shown below) for a very natural look – and there are several button options from which you can choose for a truly custom piece. It’s yet another example of the care and attention to detail that goes into every piece. 

For those of you with a more playful side, Rough Linen also offers a line of 
“St. Barts” linens that have a more nautical inspiration with “soft, sunbleached colors.”  These linens are also made with a “lighter, finer texture” but are just as soft and inviting. If you’re shopping for a new look for your bedroom or guest rooms this summer, these duvets offer a beach-inspired subtlety that is ideal. Enjoy! 

In the Details: Buttons

Paint Me a Picture

Ducks at Sailboat Bay

Sometimes you are simply and inexplicably drawn (no pun intended!) to an object. Whether it be a small sea shell washed ashore or a set of elaborately, hand-embroidered linens. For whatever reason, these items resonate with you – and call to you to take them home. That’s certainly the case with this painting from Karen Fields, aptly titled “Ducks at Sailboat Bay” ($99).

Karen’s work, first inspired by a “naive, folk painting style,” is now infused

Folk-inspired Art from Karen Fields

 with her passion for the “lively and colorful.” It’s easy to see how these two artistic views easily collided into a single, whimsical vision. To our delight, this Orlando-based artist has swept her brush across the canvas to capture scenes inspired by the sea.

These bright, engaging works of art seem to beg you to kick off your shoes, roll up your pantlegs and dip your toes into the water. It certianly makes us want to pack a picnic lunch and head for the shore to watch the sailboats glide along the water. That’s why we think these coastal-coated canvases deserve to hang in a place of honor in your beach house (or any beach lover’s home that strives to share a bit of whimsy and fun). 

Do you have a favorite coastal artist? Drop us a line at and let us know so we can share their talents.

By the Light of the Oyster

Oyster Candles from Cape Cod Shells


There are few things more relaxing than an evening spent sitting on a candle-lit deck with a cool ocean breeze gently passing through.  Whether or not you happen to be close to the shore, you can certainly invoke that beach spirit on your own deck this summer with these rustic, hand-crafted Oyster-shell candle holders from Caron’s Beach House

Carefully crafted from hand-picked oyster shells along the coast of Cape Cod, the smaller version ($19) has three layers of real shells and extends 5.5 inches in diameter.  A four-layer oyster shell candle holder is also available ($24) and its seven-inch diameter readily supports a large pillar candle.  We say go ahead and splurge on several of each size and surround yourself with soft candlelight all summer long!

Serve Up a Modern Chic Bowl of Happiness

Bright Prep Bowls from Modern Chic Home

Is it possible for bowls to make you happy? If so these Santorini Prep Bowls from Modern Chic Home are bound to do the trick.  What better way to start off a day than to fill one of these hand-painted bowls with your favorite breakfast cereal, oatmeal, or a fresh serving of fruit.

These bowls are also great as a single-serve dish for everything from ice cream to popcorn, or to hold condiments (such as cheese and sauces) while entertaining. No matter how you use them, we simply love the bright, summer colors and the embossed detail. Not to mention, they have that just-right beach look that would set off any table setting with an ocean view in the background!

Each bowl is made of earthenware with a solid color glazed interior that is both dishwasher and microwave safe (hooray!). Available in orange, green or blue. Each bowl is $9 – so stock up!

We have a wonderful update just in from Julie at Modern Chic Home. Visit her site to check out these adorable bowls – and all her other great finds – and you will receive $5 off any order when you sign up to receive emails from her. Simply visit the site and enter your email address in the sign-up box to receive your coupon – and then enjoy first-hand updates on new products and offers. (What a treat, Julie! Our readers appreciate it!)