Snuggling by the Shore in Rough Linen

Orkney Rough Linens


When one thinks of a soft, comforting fabric to snuggle under, “rough linen” doesn’t exactly sound like it would fit the bill. However, this high-quality linen fabric actually feels wonderful and is quite soft, with a handwoven-style texture.  That’s why we can’t imagine a more delightful material for these amazing duvets from Rough Linen

The feel of this natural fabric, combined with the gentle hue of the Orkney Rough Linen duvet (shown) just makes us want to crawl under the covers and spend the day! These hand-sewn duvets range from approximately $200 to $410 (King) but are worth every dime.  Pillows, shams and bed skirts are also available, of course – and equally worth the splurge. 

You should also know that great care goes into the creation of each piece by a wonderful seamstress and designer who envisioned this line of luxury bedding. She uses “French seams… overcast raw seams… and Gutermann thread” to name just a few of the techniques and materials.  We don’t pretend to know what any of those things are, but they sound intricate and precise. What we do know is that the outcome is lovely! The Orkley duvets also use buttons (as shown below) for a very natural look – and there are several button options from which you can choose for a truly custom piece. It’s yet another example of the care and attention to detail that goes into every piece. 

For those of you with a more playful side, Rough Linen also offers a line of 
“St. Barts” linens that have a more nautical inspiration with “soft, sunbleached colors.”  These linens are also made with a “lighter, finer texture” but are just as soft and inviting. If you’re shopping for a new look for your bedroom or guest rooms this summer, these duvets offer a beach-inspired subtlety that is ideal. Enjoy! 

In the Details: Buttons


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